Trade Promotion Management (TPM) System Health Check:

Diagnose Your Trade Challenges

Most organizations consider changing their processes or systems only when they break.

But should the only catalyst for action be failure?

Small changes now can prevent major disasters down the road.

✍ You can quickly diagnose the health of your trade processes and applications by answering these 7 questions.

Print the TPM Health Check

Trade system health check 7 questions

Answer yes or no to these questions:

  1. Have you overspent your trade budget?

  2. Do customers require more in trade deals every year without delivering incremental volume?

  3. Are you unable to gain the trade efficiency requested by executive leadership because of poor trade data visibility?

  4. Are you paying twice (double dups) or generally overpaying due to poor support documentation from customers?

  5. Is your deduction balance and days outstanding increasing at an alarming rate?

  6. Do you have line of sight to indirect volume?

  7. Have you experienced user adoption issues with your current solution?


If you answered “yes” to these questions then there’s a good chance that your business needs to consider a modern TPM solution.

Optimal performance and process can only be realized with a vendor partner that invests in ongoing application enhancements and educates you, the customer, on trade strategy and process best practices.

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