Rich Products Explains their Switch to Blacksmith's End-to-End Solution

We’ve been utilizing trade solutions for 25 years, but we reached an impasse where we really needed something more robust. -Tamie Griffith, Manager of Trade Finance at Rich Products


The Right Way of Doing Business

Data Forward

“In retail, we’re very excited about the ability to use consumption data to drive forecasting.”

Business Parnter

“Blacksmith asks the right questions. They can service all of our entities at the highest level.”


“We are looking for all automation because we’re trying to be as efficient as we possibly can.”

☆ Customer Success Stories ☆

Welch’s Record Results with TPO

The company saw more than a 16% increase in promotional ROI – without sacrificing volume or spending over budget.

J.R. Simplot Customer Case Study

The J.R. Simplot Company needed a holistic pricing and trade solution to manage pricing, contracts and trade programs. Learn more.