Simplot Advances Trade Management Savings with Control and Efficiency

To improve trade-related processes, Simplot found a system with efficient settlement times and clear routing .

Amy Clark, IT Business Relationship Manager, talks about the value of working with a foodservice TPM provider who understands the business.

Simplot Obtains Major Results with FORGE

Using FORGE improves trade program accuracy and reduces redundant points of entry.

JR Simplot needed a holistic pricing and trade solution to manage pricing, contracts and trade programs with its distributor and operator customers. The company’s current system prevented them from being responsive to customers and didn’t provide enough visibility or data insight. To support their growth objectives, Simplot decided to make a change that would enable them to better manage trade promotion and spend.

Simplot wanted a system to improve the accuracy and ease of capturing freight allowances associated with their forward distribution centers, internal warehouse and delivered pricing transactions. Additionally, Simplot desired a system that would reduce redundant points of data entry and make trade-related processes more efficient.

The answer to Simplot’s challenges was FORGE. FORGE provides insights into profitability of deals and discounts so the business can make better decisions about spending.

Want to learn more? Download the 5 page PDF for details on The J.R. Simplot Company’s success with FORGE.



Process and communication consistency are key in establishing system expectations. With FORGE, customers receive pricing and trade offers in a standard communication format and platform.



With FORGE, Simplot approval times have been reduced by 50-75%.FORGE processes enable the company to keep up with deductions, reduce unauthorized write-offs and provide visibility into deals.



Blacksmith Applications recognizes foodservice terminology and the types of deals and discounts common to the organization. FORGE transformed how the field sales team reviewed and processed trade pricing.

Simplot Gains Control with FORGE Functionality

Margin Screen: Review deal-level P&L analysis inclusive of all other customer programs.

Workflow and Routing: Establish shortcuts with volume and margin guidelines to further automate contract and program approval.

Deduction Auto-Matching: This routing processes credit transactions against existing approved claims based on a set of configurable rules, reducing workload for the settlements group.

Simple Search Tools: Find what you’re looking for without sorting through excessive nesting files

Recapture: Set up recapture programs to be managed automatically in the system per distributor agreements

Auto Pay: The team doesn’t have to manually create payment details for distributor auto pay programs. Reports are system-generated.

Hear what Simplot thinks about FORGE

  • “We selected Blacksmith Applications because of the profit margin visibility functionality they offer. The margin screen is easy to understand, even for those not in finance – one glance, and you can tell if a request is profitable or not. The approval process is quicker and more accurate.”
  • “Blacksmith Applications has foodservice experience; their knowledge of our business is critical. This made the implementation process easier.”
  • “It’s like kids in a candy store with margin screens, seeing the detail behind the price.”
  • “We expected a lot from our implementation with FORGE, and we got more than we expected. We quickly evaluate requests based on profitability, inclusive of product costs and other deals with the customer.”

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