Leading Protein Providers Smithfield and Pilgrim's Simplify Trade Spend Processes

To eliminate the costs of constant customization, Smithfield and Pilgrim's have chosen a trade spend application with no additional development required, plus they've gained absolute visibility into profitability.

Smithfield and Pilgrim's Score Big with FORGE

Since switching to FORGE, these manufacturers have reduced unauthorized deductions and recaptured price deviations.

Pilgrim’s Pride has been in the business for over six decades. While their products are unique, their trade investment experience is not unlike other companies in the industry. In fact, many businesses requiring straightforward solutions have been struggling with software that just doesn’t get the job done. At least, not right out of the box. With FORGE, Pilgrim’s finally found an application that doesn’t require onerous rounds of customization and helps make their business better.

Other brands have been experiencing this pain as well. Their software providers didn’t have the foodservice expertise to run implementations effectively. It often felt like they were worlds apart in their understanding of basic business dynamics. Operator programs and deviated pricing were an ongoing concern. Smithfield, another current Blacksmith Applications customer, faced these issues and decided they needed a knowledgeable partner. And therefore a new solution.

FORGE enables Pilgrim’s Pride and Smithfield to leverage a complete foodservice trade solution without costly and time-consuming customization. In fact, FORGE has features that delight users; features customers don’t even know they need until they start using the application and wonder why they weren’t doing this years ago. Days saved as a result of FORGE and the simplified processes it enables.



Paul Wietecha, founder of Blacksmith Applications, has decades of experience in the foodservice industry and is a sought-after advisor on trade investment strategy. Our developers have been working to perfect the application for over 15 years.



FORGE effectively and efficiently establishes programs addressing operator deviated pricing and rebate programs. Customers see precise P&Ls right in the application workflow. No averages, no plugs.



FORGE has an intuitive user interface ensures that members of the entire division hop on board quickly. Brokers are very familiar with the system and give it high marks of usability and productivity. All you need to get started is an internet connection.

What Smithfield and Pilgrim's Gained Using FORGE

Analytics: The FORGE solution enables meaningful reporting and analytics – other systems just can’t compete.

Auto Renewal: Easy program turn-over saves manual renewal processing time.

Auto Close: Define a tolerance for validating and approving billbacks and also for handling deductions.

Simple Search Tools: Find what you’re looking for without sorting through excessive nesting files.

The Perfect-Margin P&L: Pulls exact trade rate vs. average or proxy rate for exact profitability assessment.

Professional Services Team: Blacksmith’s talented and knowledgeable professional services team is a unique benefit not available when working with the competition.

5 Reasons FORGE was the Clear Solution

  1. Operator Purchase Visibility
  2. Accountability for Operator Discounts
  3. Improved Decision-Making Relative to Operator Discounts
  4. Process Simplification (eliminating steps)
  5. Streamlined and Standardized Operator Agreements

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