Everything You Need to Know about Blacksmith's Smoke Jumpers Event:


Q1: Do I have to be a Blacksmith customer to attend?

A: Nope! We welcome all CPG professionals – whether you use Blacksmith software or not. We’re looking forward to seeing new and familiar faces this year!

Q2: Is there a registration fee?

A: Good news! Event attendance is free for our CPG attendees. You are responsible for travel and accommodations. For industry professionals interested in attending, there is a small fee. We’ll be in touch upon your registration.

Q3: Is there a cancellation fee?

A: Yes. If you cancel after May 9, you will be charged a cancellation fee to cover the non-refundable expenses that Blacksmith Applications will incur due to your late-stage cancellation. It is expected that this fee will be approximately $1,000. The good news is that we don’t charge if you need to cancel before May 9, so just try to make sure your plans are solid at that time. Please reach out to Jennifer or Caitlin if you need to cancel your registration.

Q4: Do you provide meals during the conference?

A: You bet. We’ll have food available during Tuesday’s welcome reception. At the conference (Wednesday), we’ll serve breakfast and lunch as well as some snacks. Wednesday evening we’ll head out as a group for a fun networking dinner. We will not provide food on Thursday, so feel free to make breakfast plans with your new buds.

Q5: Can I present my company’s findings and successes during Smoke Jumpers?

A: Your participation is what makes Smoke Jumpers so great. If you’d like to present, please contact Jennifer or Caitlin and we will fit you into the agenda.

Q6: What’s up with all this CPG superhero talk?

A: Back in the day, Blacksmith Applications launched a comic series – The Blacksmith. Three issues were published in the early 2000s. The comics were a huge hit with our customers, so we’ve decided to revive them for our 20th anniversary! You’ll see a brand new issue coming out at the end of January. There’s never been a better time for a revolution of CPG superheroes – battling bewildering trade and promotions – and saving the day with a wink 😉


If you have a question that we did not answer and you don’t already have our direct email addresses, shoot it over via our contact form and we’ll get right back to you.