Speed & Purpose: Attending WFF

I’m thrilled to announce that Blacksmith Applications will be sending five women to participate in the WFF Annual Leadership Development Conference. Our team will join 3,000+ Foodservice professionals as we connect, engage and learn with the industry’s best and brightest. This year’s theme is “Ignite Leadership with Speed & Purpose”; a mantra that speaks to our corporate initiatives as well.

Our 2017 mission at Blacksmith Applications is to bring total trade transparency to as many customers as possible. This requires both speed and purpose. If your organization is looking for a better way to approach the trade spend process, let’s touch base. We can give you the highlights over coffee. I would personally love to introduce you to FORGE, our cloud-based TPM application that delivers speed across a range of tasks (program creation, claim settlements and analytics) and functions while supporting your purpose – to enhance profitability for your business.

Please complete our online form or send me a message on LinkedIn so I know that you’ll be at the conference. I will personally get in touch to make sure we connect. If you’re already a customer, you probably have my contact information, so reach out and let me know that you’ll be there! I’m making it a personal mission to connect with all Blacksmith customers attending.

See you in Orlando!


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