Transforming CPG Trade Management

FORGE is the market-leading trade promotion management application for CPG retail and foodservice. Our cloud-based software delivers an end-to-end solution for the biggest names in the industry. How does total trade spend transparency sound to you?



FORGE provides data access to operator volume fulfillment, distribution discounted share, workflow status, payment status and more.



FORGE delivers a compelling ROI, ranging from 7% – 17%. Recollection, recapture, process reduction and performance improvements all factor in.



Configure FORGE to enhance your team’s productivity and boost the bottom line with shortcut features that deliver control and speed.

Solutions to Manage Trade Spending & Maximize Profitability

FORGE: TPM Software

FORGE does everything you need it to do, unlike ordinary solutions. We call it configuration. Your implementation will be perfectly configured to meet the needs of your business, because the required functionality is already part of the application. Our CPG experts will be there every step of the way to deliver timely project management and share best practices to streamline processes and save money.

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What It Does

Create programs, settle claims and gain insights. That’s the short answer. The long answer is way more exciting, but probably worth a phone call. Or you can explore more here on the site.

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Who It Helps

CPG companies spending millions of dollars in trade on an annual basis. Finance, Sales, Marketing and IT professionals can all benefit from the application to speed workflows and make smart fiscal decisions.

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Addressable Channels

The application manages trade spend promotions, programs and other activity related to Foodservice, Traditional Retail, In-Store Deli, Grocery Perimeter, C-Store, Institutional, Export and Club & Mass Merch. Easily transact with the unique functionality you need to be successful. Reporting and analytics capabilities allow you to evaluate across channels.

Great Companies Use FORGE & Trust Blacksmith Applications

Complete and accurate data at your fingertips.

FORGE gives Kraft real-time program volume and financials by business and sales area, enabling insightful analysis. It brings together distributor and operator data in one automated platform, providing a true 360 view of the business.

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