Optimize for Profit with TPO

Drivers for Promotional Success

Data Analysis


  • Bring together POS consumption, shipment and spending data.
  • Automate post-event analysis to yield quantifiable ROI.
  • Depend on smoothed baselines.

Predictive Planning


  • Build plans with powerful what-if scenarios.
  • See roll-ups by customer, category or product.
  • Hover over individual events to see predicted performance KPIs in the calendar.



  • Use the opportunity finder functionality to identify ideal allocations for incremental funding.
  • Never run an unprofitable promotion again.

Promotion Optimization Resources for You:

Post-Event Analysis Webinar

Historical data provides CPGs with the ability to share fact-based data with their retailer so that the strategy around future promotions is profitable.

Drive Growth with Accurate Baselines

To analyze promotions, there must be a way to measure the volume sold in the absence of a promotion. That starting point is your base business.

Preview the Best-in-Class TPO

Automate your data and apply constraint-based modeling for optimized planning (and results).

Transforming Revenue Growth One Customer at a Time

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