Topic: Consumer Responses to Health Trends and the Economic Downturn
Date:   Wednesday, December 2
Time:   1:00 pm ET



Grab your frozen burrito and settle in for some research-backed insights presented by our guest expert, Professor Jeff Inman.

Jeff’s presentation will help CPGs increase their understanding of shopper behavior in the evolving retail.

In this talk you’ll learn:

  • What it takes for your brand to thrive in an environment where the consumers’ sense of reality and security have been disrupted 
  • How the consumer’s’ emotional, cognitive, and behavioral reactions couple with individual differences in beliefs, personality, background, social, and economic circumstances to create a varied tapestry of consumerism 
  • A conceptual framework to guide thinking on how your organization might address this changing consumer landscape, embrace the challenge of increasing your understanding of these conceptual drivers, and the practical implications for your business strategy 
  • How these new consumer behaviors may shape your thinking about profitability and revenue growth


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