What FORGE Does

FORGE gets you out of inbox overload and unwieldy spreadsheet management and becomes your single source. FORGE harmonizes all information and communication associated with the trade spending process - managing contract creation, billback & deduction processing, reporting and analytics.

FORGE by Process Cycle

FORGE manages the front-end approval workflows, settlements and analytics for the following process cycles. Our professional services team can work with you to establish which of the many bells and whistles may make sense as part of your implementation to configure the application to your unique needs.

  • Pricing
  • Budgets
  • Trade Programs: Corporate, Buying Groups & Local
  • Operator Discounts: National Accounts, GPO, Non-Commercial, Local Accounts & Bids
  • Broker & Commissions

FORGE also solves for Non-Trade Spending process cycles including overages, shortages, damages, pricing errors and more.

Create Programs, Settle Claims & Gain Insights

FORGE allows you to gauge the profitability of discounts and allowances, considering existing commitments. You gain streamlined processing and validation of claims to ensure that correct payments are being made on eligible products to authorized customers. FORGE provides the ability to track operator purchases relative to their commitments and you can effectively manage recapture & recollection within the corporate and buying group settlement structure. Make sense of it all with our comprehensive analytics package.

Foster Mobile Collaboration

FORGE allows your team to complete tasks from anywhere at any time. Whether in the office, at home or in the field, the application can be viewed via mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. Any device with an internet browsing capability easily puts you in touch with account details.

“One glance and you can tell if a request is profitable”

"We selected Blacksmith Applications because of the profit margin visibility functionality they offer. At a glance, we can tell if a request is profitable or not, inclusive of all other deals the customer already receives. The margin screen is easy to understand, even for those not in finance – one glance, and you can tell if a request is profitable or not. The approval process is quicker and more accurate."
-Jim Hoyt, Sales Director - West

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