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Increased Collaboration: Food Manufacturers and Operators

To be successful in a pull-strategy and operator collaboration, manufacturers can’t only rely on the premium its brands command, they must gain more understanding of the industry – from kitchen prepping and operations to menu trends and overall needs. 

Are You Prepared? Online Grocery to Hit a 20% Market Share

In the past 10 years, foodservice and retail have seen significant digital disruption, and the pace of change is set to accelerate.

Q&A: Manage Trade Investments with TPM Application

“Vendors should be helping customers establish solid TPM foundations before launching into TPO territory,” says Paul Wietecha.

Pinnacle Foods Awarded for Adoption of New Capabilities

During the May 2018 Smoke Jumpers sessions, Blacksmith Applications awarded Pinnacle Foods for adoption of new capabilities.

KraftHeinz Wins Blacksmith Applications Award for Evangelism

KraftHeinz is in the beginning stages of implementing FORGE to a business unit that did not have a trade system in the past.

TPO Myth vs. Reality

To be successful in promotional optimization, you need to start with some fundamental pieces.