Expert advice on trade spend topics.

Scary Trade Spend Stories

Unfortunately, there are some nightmarish truths about your trade programs. Double, double toil and trouble; you lose more when dipping doubles.

Private Label vs. National Brands

The rise of store brands has diminished manufacturers’ traditional advertising and pricing power. Private-label dollar share could reach 25.7 percent by 2027.

The Amazon Effect on Multi-Channel CPG

“Amazon is placing its bet on the future of the food industry,” says Errol Schweizer, a former Whole Foods executive.

How Digital Disrupts CPG Trade Promotion

Online CPG sales are growing two times as fast as online sales in general. The future of consumer goods is fast-paced and requires an equally fast response.

Supply Chain Synchronization

For the restaurant industry, there’s an opportunity to improve the supply chain. Even a single efficiency has the potential for major impact.

Make an Impact: Manufacturers Decrease Food Waste

Between 4-10% of food purchased by foodservice operations is thrown out before reaching the plate. Can manufacturers help reduce waste?