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What Does Amazon Mean for the Future of Retail?

A combined compete/collaborate approach may be in order as Amazon flexes its muscle in the grocery world.

2018 WFF Executive Summit – Content Recap

Sara Bowen and Rossann Williams brought the Starbucks Pay Equity story to life. Sara, for me, was the most inspiring speaker of the conference. Her passion is captivating and authentic.

Foodservice Analytics: Crack the Code

Many foodservice analytics tools are so complex that even the NSA would be hard-pressed to crack the code. Gain impactful insights with the right platform.

Land O’Lakes Accepts Customer Award for Workflow Automation

Land O’Lakes’ deduction balance is 20% less than what it had been historically, a really impressive result.

Koch Foods Receives Award for Adoption of Best Practices

Koch Foods really took the time to learn what approach would produce the best payout. They’re using FORGE to maximize their efforts.

The End Cap is Dead: Retail Trade Promotion

How do you reach retail consumers? Multiply your paths to purchase by using technology. Map the buying model by understanding and anticipating consumer behavior at every stage: planning, purchasing, and […]