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Tyson Foods Wins Blacksmith Applications Brand Evangelism Award

This year at the Smoke Jumpers XV meeting in Chicago, Tyson Foods was recognized with the award for Brand Evangelism in recognition of their commitment to industry excellence in trade promotion management.

Why a Big Messy CRM Data Project is Worth the Effort

The process isn’t perfect. The data isn’t perfect. It’s likely that the effort will never be 100% complete, but the insights gained are 100% better than what Land O’Lakes had before they undertook the project.

Nestle Wins Blacksmith Applications Award for Expansion of Capabilities

Nestle Professional won the Blacksmith Applications customer award for expansion of FORGE capabilities. Nestle, one of the world’s largest food companies, chose Blacksmith Applications for their TPM solution and completed a conversion from their home-grown solution to FORGE in 2016.

Foodservice 101: Why a Retail TPM isn’t Enough for Your Foodservice Business

Many CPG companies have deployed trade spend software to support their retail business, but not as many have actively sought out a solution for their foodservice business.

Smucker’s Wins Blacksmith Applications Award for Insight Generation

Blacksmith Applications presented Smucker’s with the customer award for adoption of the TORCH analytics platform with special recognition for Smucker’s focus on generating and leveraging trade management insights.

3 Ways to Overcome Operator Deviated Pricing Challenges

Deviated prices carry higher administrative costs than rebates due to the ambiguity of the effective claim rate. 80%+ of the deviated price offers are ‘private,’ meaning that only a single distributor is aware of the offer and has access to those discounts.