Expert advice on trade spend topics.

The Importance of Data Visualization

Tom Theis, Smucker’s, said “You can click, filter, even slide bars back and forth. No IS degree required. It’s simple.” Furthermore, the tool and reporting tactics have enabled Smucker’s to drive their deduction balance down to an all-time low.

Market Update: What to Ask Sysco about New Deduction Policy

Sysco’s new deduction policy is effective July 1. Ask these 10 important and timely questions regarding Sysco’s announcement.

3 Questions to Ask when Choosing a TPM Solution for Your Protein Business

The protein industry needs a trade and pricing application designed to meet common challenges: fluctuating market prices and margin-constrained deals. With the right software, you’ll see a clear path to improving business process and profitability.

The Real Costs of Operator Deviated Pricing: 1% Plus of Gross Sales

Aside from insuring value for the dollars you are spending, there is an even bigger economic story that supports taking action about operator-deviated pricing; the average manufacturer offers operator discounts on 40% of their overall volume.

Think Twice. Develop Once. A Tale of CRM Design Planning.

When Amy Clark [IT Business Relationship Manager] of Simplot took the stage to present at Smoke Jumpers XV, she offered an impactful message; without a defined sales process your CRM initiate will fall flat. But you’re thinking; We have a defined sales process, right? Think about it from an IT perspective…you may not in the terms required for a CRM initiative.

Smithfield Wins Blacksmith Applications Integration Award

At Smoke Jumpers XV, Blacksmith Applications recognized Smithfield with the customer award for superior integration with an enterprise platform.